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We just have to find it.

We understand your problems;

From end user perspective.

We implement integrated solutions;

Customized to your business needs.


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About Us


We are a team of individuals with extensive Chris21 experience from a variety of HR, payroll, and IT backgrounds. It is our mission to help you reap the maximum benefits of your software and support you through the entire process. Our Chris21 experts are equipped with specialized and vast knowledge in complex payroll environments and are available to assist when you need it most.

Our motivation to forge a team of specialists to help our clients on a one-to-one basis with Chris 21 and other payroll and HR issues was driven by a significant skill gap in the workforce. While working on several Chris21 projects, we learned that there was always a solution to a problem if we tackled it from the right perspective with the use of right knowledge and suitable tools. This is the skillset that we are eager to extend out to our clients.

We are a very friendly team of passionate experts who strive hard and take ownership to deliver as we promise to the clients. We go above and beyond to find the best and easy solutions for you. Our workforce has a diverse mix of people and together with their capabilities, it enables us to be more innovative, look at things from different standpoints and come up with better solutions.

Our commitment is to find instantly workable and integrated solutions for your business.